113 Name: Danny Rubenstein
Comment: Daniel - Hope you enjoy the new design of the site. Good Luck at Worlds. Danny.
120 Name: Carolyn Flowers
Comment: ...still in your corner and supporting you no matter what
121 Name: dee
Comment: Everything you've been thru,everything u will go all makes u stronger. I know u can accomplish anything u put your mind to. i'd say "good luck" at the worlds, but u don't need luck! like the new website. Cormier goes hard..LOL
124 Name: Tozser Norbert
Comment: you are a good wrestler
125 Name: Tait Faulk
Comment: whats up daniel, just wanted to say good luck and congratulations. keep up the good work. we(Jaik, Jedd, and Tait) are proud of you. who would have ever thought the kid in the back of the van would compete in the olympics.
126 Name: Dan Sherrill
Comment: Wishing Daniel the best of luck in his future wrestling competition! Gold in 2008, baby! Nice site, and have to say the T-shirts are cool.
128 Name: MAGA
Comment: hey yo this is saquanta rileys little brother well right now im in the navy im stationed in cuba but ill be back soon in the flat well good luck and much respect son. well ill be raying for you good luck peace ,"ma3 riley us navy"
130 Name: Justin Roy
Comment:  Risin' up back on the street.... I can't believe this is the same Daniel Cormier that I used to cut weight with. Keep working hard and remember where you came from. I look forward to following you. Jroy
132 Name: Bailee Jackson
Comment: daniel hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
134 Name: Jesse
Comment: Dan, you rock!Love that front headlock!Show em' who's the man in Hungary baby!
136 Name: Drea
Comment: Good luck over in Budapest. Show'em what you're made of. "The Champ is Here!!"
137 Name: Debbie Schwanke
Comment: Daniel: We'll all be cheering for you in the World Championship. You are a great representative for CCC!
138 Name: reggie wright
Comment: You need to take those tight ass shorts off!!!!!!!!!!!!
139 Name: Fas Qayyum
Comment: hey bro, ive been a fan for a long time and i hope all is well. keep doing what you're doing.
147 Name: drea
Comment: You have another chance to redeem yourself! bring home that W!! I still got your back
Comment: wazzup man I saw you in the newspaper when I went to louisiana. I got the picture in my binder for school and everybody be asking me whose dat and I just tell em, my cousin and I'm proud to say that because I'm proud of you so just keep up the good work. well holla I got to go My teacher about to come and he don't like us doin mail on da internet. peace and hair greece.
176 Name: Bailee Jackson
Comment: Why did you buy cole shoes?? I WANT SHOES!!!!! OH YEH HI!!!!! BAILEE
177 Name: jesse kent
Comment: good to see you have made it. I went to colby with u i lived in the baseball house.
179 Name: Ivory
Comment: What's up Daniel? I just wanted to say congratulations, and keep up the hard work. Everybody who knows you or knows anything about wrestling from the "Flats" speaks highly of you. Especially everyone from Northside. You know once a Viking always a Viking. By the way, the website don't have your high school in the biograpy so I'll make the correction. High School: Norhtside High (Lafayette, LA.) lol. And remember the best team of all time was the class of '93. And if you want to take it to the mat, I'm in your weight class. (Don't forget who taught you that first half nelson). Just kidding, you know I had to talk a little trash. Once again CONGRATULATIONS, and I'm proud of you Big Man.
191 Name: Thomas King
Comment: You have one of the best throws in the business. Keep up the hard work.
254 Name: Andre
Comment: Just checking out my favorite wrestlers web site...Your so good and should win the Olimpics!
286 Name: Brodie Richard
Comment: Daniel, WHats up big daddy, I was just writing you telling you what's up. Hope the training is going well and I hope ya'll had a good Christmas and New Years. Keep up the good work. Brodie
289 Name: Yulasha George
Comment: Hey Daniel, This is Yulasha(P.J.'s oldest neice) I just wanted to say hey and that all my friends a Paul Breax Middle Lafayette, LA, (your home town) think that you are graet! Peace Out!
301 Name: Zokai Class
Comment: Hi Daniel! You r a great wrestler! And that's y we want u 2 come and speak 2 our class! (And so we can kick 1st hr.'s butt!) But we know that u r busy, and if u can't come, that's okay. (you will sill be awesome!) Your fans, Ms. Zokai's 6th hr. (Ms. Zokai 2!)
302 Name: Zokai s Class
Comment: Hi Daniel! You r a great wrestler! And thats y we want u 2 come and speak 2 our class! (And so we can kick 1st hr.'s butt!) But we know that u r busy, and if u can't come, that's okay. (you will sill be awesome!) Your fans, Ms. Zokai's 6th hr. (Ms. Zokai 2!)



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